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Organic Foods

Breanna Parker and Hannah Cantor

Use this puzzle to brush up on your organic foods terms.

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3.A word for foods that are produced using fertilizers, pesticides, and harmful chemicals.
7.These two words describe what conventional farms increase using fertilizers and genetic enchancements.
8.This word describes you when you buy products from farms.
9.This is a word for what your body needs to have energy and good health, which comes from organic foods.
11.This word describes what happens to your body when not enough nutrients are being consumed.
14.These harmful chemicals help food stay "fresh" for unnatural periods of time.
15.This word describes what you are when you eat organic foods.
17.This word describes the trend of organic food and its growing popularity.
18.This word is a side effect of consuming conventional foods and starving the nutritional side of your body.
1.This chemical increases growth rates of crops on conventional farms.
2.This is a major food company that produces frozen chicken by the masses.
4.These are found in organic foods that fight disease and are known to fight cancer.
5.A word for foods that are produced naturally and without harmful chemicals.
6.This harmful chemical is used mostly on conventional farms to keep bugs from destroying crops.
9.A word for how organic foods are grown.
10.This word describes the harmful chemicals found in conventionally grown foods.
12.This word describes what organic foods are when they are at the market. (No preservatives)
13.A word for the way farmers get there crops out to markets and stores.
14.This word describes how organic and conventional food are distributed.
16.This word is what organic foods are high in, which causes food shortages.

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