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Organic. It's Worth It

Reilly O'Connor And Chelsea Griffith

1 2 3
4           5  
7     8
    10       11    
13                     14    
16                       17

4.relating to or denoting compounds containing carbon
6.costing a lot of money
9.a store selling secondhand clothes or goods
10.admired or enjoyed very much
12.not able or likely to cause harm
13.capable of being decomposed by bacteria or other living organisms
15.a sweet, sticky fluid made by bees
16.fresh squeezed juice from lemons
18.a soft white fibrous substances the seeds of tropical and subtropical plant and is used as textile fiber and thread
19.in good health
20.a small porous bag containing tea leaves or powdered tea
1.a black powder, usually antimony sulfide or lead used as eye makeup
2.protected from or not exposed to danger or risk
3.colored substances used on your face to change appearance
5.queen of egypt
7.milk from cows that have been exclusively fed organicly
8.the planet we live on
11.an income sufficient to live on
14.the way in a which a person lives
17.existing in or caused by nature

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