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Crossword--Periodic Table

L Smith

1 2 3 4
8   9          
10     11
        13 14

5.these are found in group 18 (2 wds)
6.atoms of the same kind of element with different number of neutrons
7.this is one or two letters that represent an element
9.a group is sometimes called this
12.elements in a group have similar
15.tells you how many protons an atom of that element has (2 wds)
16.element with chemical symbol Fe
1.element with chemical symbol Au
2.these are on the outer edge of the electron cloud (2 wds)
3.types of elements that are shiny and conduct heat and electricity well
4.types of elements that have some properties of both metals and nonmetals
8.types of elements that are poor conductors of heat and electricity
10.element with chemical symbol Na
11.a row from left to right in the PT
13.elements are arranged in order of increasing atomic ___
14.a column from top to bottom in the PT

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