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RSK Crossword.


1 2 3      
    4 5     6 7   8       9  
    10         11        
12             13   14           15  
  16               17              
18 19                 20  
        21   22         23  
  24 25                       26
28                     29             30   31    
35           36     37      
38                       39      
  45                     46          
48       49       50      
51         52      

3.Karl doesn't know why people still wear these.
5.Steve won't tell the _ _ _ _ story because it's long and complicated
8.Maggie is played by Ashley _ _ _ _ _ _
11.Stephen cameos in the movie 'Hot...
12.Steve went through a what phase? (2 Words)
14.Andy and Maggie dine at which restaurant? (2 Words)
16.Steve filled up the BBC company car and was almost sold what?
17.When Karl says 'effin an jeffin', he means...
19.Karl thinks you should add another 3% and make them water
21.Ricky swapped the vinyl records for...
25.Karl Pilkington comedy lab show '_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Fool'
28.According to Barry, what are for whimps?
29.Stephen's parent's names which also feature in The Office. Ron and...
31.Karl's last words before surgery. You look different with what on?
33.Karl's hard to describe invention (2 Words)
36.Ricky's first live show
38.Karl's name was misprinted on his letters as Karl...
40.Who was replaced by Orlando Bloom last minute in Extras? (2 Words)
41.Karl's kidnap situation words are... (2 Words)
42.Ricky's character in The Golden Years (2 Words)
43.Steve fails to do this on The Graham Norton Show
44.Mark Bellison lies 'My name is'...
45.Shaun and Darren resort to working where? (2 Words)
47.What did Karl want to boot into the pond?
48.Andy's excuse to not kiss in 'A Month of Summers'. He has a... (2 Words)
50.When going into surgery, Pincus talks about his...
52.Stephen's old nickname
53.Darren Lamb would come up to Warwick's window like who? (2 Words)
54.Stephen grew up in...
55.Karl's new science channel show. 'The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ of Life'
56.First in the series, 'The Ricky Gervais Guide to'...
1.Karl's relative '_ _ _ _ _ _' Stan
2.Karl wanted his name to be
3.What did Karl's mam put on the back of the spider?
4.Derek's surname
6.Karl's character in Derek
7.Andy Millman, Darren Lamb and Ronnie Corbett are banned from the...
9.How many years younger is Ricky from his youngest sibling?
10.Stephen voices this character in Portal 2
11.Auntie Nora's fart lasted how many minutes?
13.Ricky's children's book
15.Ricky tried to make a suit out of what?
18.Karl's pet magpie was called...
20.Ricky's dad swapped his go kart for what?
22.David Brent says he is a 'friend first, boss second' and what third?
23.Ricky says Stephen is like an upright what?
24.The Office is set in...
26.What would Karl kick and call knob head?
27.The podfather trology consists of halloween, christmas and...
30.David Brent's record label '_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ' Records
32.Andy's pretend catholic priest (2 Words)
34.This part confuses Maggie. 'The _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _'
35.Ricky quit what to study philosophy?
37.Karl almost dies when he ate what? (3 Words)
39.whether it's a potato or a nut it's a...
42.Gareth was played by Mackenzie who?
46.Steve left who waiting on stage as an act of revenge? (2 Words)
48.Stephen doesn't think they're cryptic, he thinks they're...
49.Karl's girlfriend
51.The Oggmonster's real name

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