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Social Studies: Final Project

Preston Brown

Social Studies Eleanor of Aquitaine

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1.The Northern part of France.
3.The daughter of Louis VII.
7.She was Henry's love.
8.A word describing two peoples inability to wed because of relation.
11.She was Eleanors daughter who married Louis VII.
13.People who fight for money, not loyal to one government.
14.An entertainer who went kingdom to kingdom performing Occitan lyric poetry.
16.The daughter of Henry I. She was also married to Geoffrey Plantagenet. Also the mother of Henry II.
17.A fifty-one year old man who was already married and had only one eye.
20.A political realm controlled by a duke and/or duchess.
24.A country Henry took control of when he was crowned king.
26.The wife of the ruling king.
27.A group of mercenaries working for Henry found this person dressed as a man.
28.A group of people Louis would have to defeat to get forgiveness from God.
29.He was engaged to Maurienne and Henry's favorite.
31.Eleanor and Louis' second daughter.
32.The result of the Second Crusade.
33.He was crowned King of France.
34.He was one of the first troubadors who was very cheerful and had a mind of his own.
36.This son of Eleanor became king of England when Henry died.
37.This was a rumor spread that Eleanor fell in love with a man named ______.
39.He was Eleanors first husband at the age of sixteen.
2.This woman was the Countess of Chatellaraunt.
4.Henry II sons nickname.
5.He made Eleanor and Louis resolve their differences.
6.Richard's nickname.
9.This finally happened to Louis and Eleanors marriage.
10.Eleanors uncle, also William X younger brother. He wasn't much older than Eleanor.
12.A Latin Kingdom.
15.A religously enthusiastic monk who travelled from castle to castle exciting the masses and giving sermons.
18.A destination Louis and Eleanor reached during the second crusade. Took many months to reach.
19.She was only eleven years old when she married the King of Sicily.
21.The father of Matilda.
22.This man was killed in a jousting tournement.
23.Louis went on a crusade to this Middle Eastern city.
25.One of Eleanors younger sisters.
30.A country where Eleanor and Louis were taken to be crowned.
31.Henry named Geoffreys son ______.
33.A place where the queen of Sicily landed after the Normans freed her.
35.Eleanors first child, also her first daughter.
38.Eleanors mother.

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