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Solar Power

Dom Pocci, Cole Gojsovich

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1.What country is known as a solar community.
4.The form of electrical current produced by batteries or solar cells in which the movement of the electrical current is
6.Are solar panels high maintenance or low maintenance.
7.Is solar power more like wind power or is it like the use of gasoline.
9.Unit of power. Power is the rate of using energy to do work.
10.Is solar energy clean or does it pollute.
12.Daryl Chapin, Calvin Fuller, and Gerald Pearson invented this.
13.Allows the U.S military to use electricity in the middle of nowhere.
15.Is solar power safe or dangerous.
16.Production of an electric current.
18.A synonym for sun.
19.A source of energy by harnessing heat from the sun.
2.What kind of resource is gasoline; renewable or nonrenewable.
3.It uses nature rather than the use of mechanical and electrical devices.
5.What kind of resource is solar energy; renewable or nonrenewable.
8.The basic photovoltaic device which generates electricity when exposed to sunlight.
11.Stores solar energy during the day so it can be used at night.
13.The most common way of harnessing solar power.
14.Solar aircraft which travelled eighteen miles into the atmosphere.
17.Transmission line network used to distribute electric power.

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