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Green Building Crossword Puzzle

Rachel Chidlow/Natalie Wasielewski

1           2     3
4                   5 6         7      
8     9    
14 15           16        

1.satisfactory and economical to use
4.able to withstand
6.the introduction of harmful substances into the environment
10.the act of creating a structure
11.a problem in to 1970's that caused people to think of new ways to be energy efficient (2 Words)
12.the limit of influence on one thing to another (2 Words)
15.the capacity or power to do work; can be electric, mechanical, chemical, thermal, or nuclear.
16.to use again
18.and effect from erosion and causes turbidity
19.a buildings that is helpful to the natural environment and the human environment (2 Words)
20.to cut down, minimize, or make less
2.environmentally friendly (2 Words)
3.an effect the causes sedimentation and turbidity in aquatic life
5.U.S. Environment Protection Agency voluntary rating program (3 Words)
7.the effect of sedimentation causing water to become cloudy and dense
8.to bring back to its former self
9.the air, water, minerals, organisms, and all other external factors surrounding
13.Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design
14.The decision to become friendly to the environment and do what is possible to save the planet (2 Words)
17.something that can be reused or recycles

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