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Composting Crossword Puzzle

Annie and Josh

2 3  
  6 7 8            
12       13            
15       16     17     18  

4.to retain you pile you need _____.
8.You should have 3 times as much ______ matter then brown.
9.occurs naturally in life
10.once living things turned into a soil
12.the outer covering of a egg used in many compost piles
15.A great catalyst for your garden
17.For every 3 green matter you should have one ______ matter
19.the number of months it takes to make compost.
20.Aniamal waste used as fertilizer
21.3 times week you should ______ your pile
1.In cold places you can put your compost in a
2.A yellow organic matter that is very good for your pile
3.Microorganisms which break down down large orgainic molecules into smaller molecules.
5.the place where you put your pile
6.A pile of waste matieral
7.Another word for a compost heap
11.the process of turing waste into a usable material
13.After 2 months of compost you should gave a fertile soil
14.The number of months it takes to make compost
16.when your pile gets very hot ______ starts to come off of it.
18.when your pile gets too wet and starts to attract bugs means that you have put too much _____ on it.

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