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Forensics & DNA

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2.the most numerous cell type in the body - not a good source of DNA at all
4.the __________ project helps people that may be wrongfully convicted of a crime, most often due to DNA analysis
6.in PCR a short segment that anneals to the single DNA strand and begins the copying process
9.because DNA is a polar molecule it migrates to the __________ electrode during electrophoresis
10.source of restriction enzymes
14.restriction enzymes do this to DNA when a specific sequence is recognized
15.size fragments of DNA that will most quickly and easily travel through the gel in GE
17.DNA has this appearance
18.the complimentary base strand to GGCTAAATAGGC
23.strands of DNA in living things - (most) human cells have 46
25.segments of non-coding DNA that have different lengths of repeats that are used to characterize/match DNA
26.99.9% of this is the same from person to person
28.machine that precisely raises and lowers the temperature of DNA during PCR
29.abbreviation for the process used to separate DNA by fragment size
30.the enzyme that builds DNA adding free nucleotides to elongate the strand is called DNA _________
1.around 95% of our DNA - its the parts that are not genes
3.a gene is a code for the production of _______________
5.a phospate, sugar and nitrogen base make up this basic building block of DNA
7.the first step in all DNA testing
8.famous forensic scientist that helped to prove Sam Shepherd not guiltyb in his re-trial
11.Federal DNA database, has two parts - the crime scene index and offender index
12.acronym for using restriction enzymes to cut DNA and compare the fragment lengths
13.term that means to relieve of blame or responsibility
16.type of DNA that you recieve from your mother only
19.number of minutes for a doubling of DNA in a single PCR cycle
20.the "rungs of the DNA ladder
21.causes the weak hydrogen bonds holding the double strand DNA molecule to break and the DNA to "unzip" down the middle
22.area of coding DNA
24.DNA inherited from a mother and a father (two parents)
27.process that makes multiple copies of DNA for further testing or characterization

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