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Chapter 26& 27

3                 4
      5         6    
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3.Maintain the female reproductive system and promote the development of female features
5.Rapid succession of cell divisions that produces a ball of cells
7.Regrowth of lost body parts
9.Cells take up new locations that will allow later formation of all the organs and tissues
11.The outer layer of the three embryonic cell layers in gastrula. Forms the skin of gastrula.
12.A Diploid created by two gametes
15.Breaking of the parent body into several pieces
16.Body cavity
19.An enlargement of the thyroid
20.Composed of nervous tissue
21.causes genital discharge, itching and painful urination
22.Store the sperm while they continue to develop
23.Chemical signal that is carried by the circulatory system
24.Gives rise to muscles, bones, the dermis of skin, and most other organs in the adult.
1.Passes upward into the abdomen and around the urinary bladder
2.Prepare and maintain the uterus to support embryo
4.Hormones produced by the anterior pituitary
6.Timely suicide of cells
8.One of two bodily systems for communication and chemical regulation
10.Secrete a thick fluid that contains fructose
13.An individual has both female and male reproductive systems
14.The innermost of the three embryonic cell layers in gastrula. Forms the archenteron.
17.Receives information from nerves about the internal condition
18.Stimulate the development and maintenance of the male reproductive system

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