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Ancient China

Hyram Ortiz

2             3      
5       6             7      
11 12     13            
15                         16        
    17               18  

2.characters that stand for objects
4.two or more pictographs that represent an idea
5.children's respect for their and older relatives
7.a separate part of the group
9.a group of appointed officials who are responsible for different areas of government
13.a formal order
15.a philosophy that taught people to put the needs of their family and community first
16.an issue or problem between citizens of the same country or nation
17.a type of money
19.to join separate things together
20.to regain normal health or purpose
1._______ did not require rulers to show kindess
3.nobles whose wealth came from land they owned
6.sticking thin needles into patients' skin
8.line of rulers from the same family
10.a philosophy that taught people to give up worldly desires in favor of nature
11.a position in society
12.wives of rulers or women in the royal family often _______ men in power to see things their way
14.to explain the meaning of something
18.to provide safety

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