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Plastic Recycling

Brad Cromer & Nick Jessloski

It is the best plastic recycling crossword for all of 8th grade blue.

1 2 3
4   5          
        6 7
9 10     11  
12         13                      
14               15
16                   17      
  18   19            

4.A way to save the earth by re using things.
8.what is done first to the plastic when it gets to the plant.
12.Other object that is recycled most often.
13.Clothing that can be made out of recycled plastics. (2 Words)
14.When people use plastic products more then once.
16.Something else that is a recycled type of metal.
17.what you put your recyclables into so companies can take them.
19.Recyclable object known as most efficient.
20.What is used to help recycling companies recycle but it is a downfall. (2 Words)
1.Place recyclables are recycled.
2.What happens when plastics are thrown away.
3.When people recycle an object but can only re use it once.
5.What washers are used for in the plant done Second.
6.Company who gains money by recycling indirectly.
7.A non renewable resource used when recycling plastic.
9.Song sung by Toby Keith about recyclable material. (3 Words)
10.What is used in grocery stores and should be outlawed. (2 Words)
11.Place where it takes plastics 100 years to decompose.
15.when people buy fewer packaged plastics.
18.Thing recycling can save for future generations.

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