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Ryan kopach

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3. PDA An adding machine
4.E-waste Any broken or obsolete electronics that have been thrown out.
5.Dismantle To break apart.
7.Trash Used up materials or products that has been disposed.
8. Developing country A country that is poor
9. Landfill A place that treats and manages garbage.
11. Television A device used to provide people with entertainment in their houses
12.Electronics Devices that require electricity to function.
13. iPod A device used to play music
15.Toxic Poisonous, harmful
1.Technology Having to do with creation and technical means that influence life and society.
2.Chemicals A substance produced by or used in a chemical process.
3.Recycling To dispose of a product with the intention of it being reused.
4. Export To send to another place
6. Process A method of doing something
8. Obsolete Becoming no longer useful due to a more advanced version.
9. Computer A device that people use to learn stuff and do work.
10.Pollution Substances that are harmful to the environment
11. Cell phone A portable device used to make calls
14.Squander To use up

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