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In Relation to the Blood

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1.White blood cell that deals with microorganisms and other junk in the body that should not be there.
4.An important protein; found in plasma.
6.A protein that aids in clotting.
8.When cells, such as red blood cells or bacteria, clump together because of an antibody.
11.A protein made in the liver. Changes into fibrin when blood is clotting.
12.A protein or a carbohydrate that "activates" the immune system.
13.A lack of red blood cells.
14.Blood that someone donates that is to be used for him or herself.
16.The calm before the storm, in regards to HIV.
20.Red blood cell.
21.White blood cell.
22.White Blood cell that deals with antibodies.
23.Think plasma donation. One part of the blood is taken, for example plasma, and then the blood is returned to its owner's body.
2.Donated blood, aka "homologous" blood.
3.Enables clotting.
5.Separating plasma into the proteins that make it up.
7.A blood type like A, B, O, and AB.
9.A cell found in the bone marrow. It is where blood platelets are created.
10.Prevents clotting.
15.A white blood cell that contains granules in its cytoplasm. Examples: Basophil, eosinophil, and nuetrophil.
17.A protein that works against antigens.
18.A cell that is created in the bone marrow and eventually turns into a macrophage.
19.The storage facility of, filter of, and 'end of the line' for red blood cells. It also creates lymphocytes.

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