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GMP Crossword

2 3  
6         7            
  10         11    
12     13      

4.Level 3 document that defines the operations required to perform a function
6.Refers to the removal of equipment, areas or utilities from service for GMP use
9.The date on which the effective date has been assigned to the approved document and training can begin
10.The status of a record in TrackWise
14.Represents a measurement of knowledge and/or ability to perform activities
15.Pre-planned temporary departure from approved procedure
1.An action taken to remediate the root casue of an undesireable condition or event
2.Collection of procedural and infomational text that may be subject to revision
3.Deviations that have known adverse impact to SISPQ
5.The review and evaluation by a government regulatory agency
7.May be placed to fill in blank spaces of a record when appropriate
8.Ink that cannot be erased or washed away
11.System of record for assigning and tracking training requirements
12.Knowingly recording and deliberate use of incorrect information
13.Utilized to denote an entry added after a step as been performed

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