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William Shakespeare

Iteyana Hunter

1 2           3      
4 5         6                  
  7                           8
9 10           11                
  14 15            
    17 18

2.How old was Shakespeare when he got married?
5.How many siblings did Shakespeare have?
6.People who paid a pence to stand on the ground and watch the plays
7.Shakespeare's wife
9.County was shakespeare born in
11.How old was Sakespeare when he died?
12.Wrote the most cpmmon play Romeo and Juliet
13.His last play
15.What's most of his plays base on
16.Favortie kind of poem
19.Where did Shakespeare grow up?
20.Where did shakespeare spend most of his adult life?
1.What school did Shakespeare go to?
3.How many plays did Shakespeare write?
4.How many children did Shakespeare have?
8.Shakespeare's theater
10.Shakespeare's new house was called
14.Shakespeare's nickname
17.Shakespeare's mother
18.Shakespeare's father

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