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Sarah Spalding

1 2 3 4
  5                   6
15 16                  

5.A process that absorbs heat.
7.Measurement of a the heat flow in or out of a system for a chemical or physical process
8.Molar heat of ____. This is the heat lost when 1 mol of a liquid solidifies at a constant temperature.
9.___ Law of heat summation allows you to determine the heat of the reaction indirectly.
10.Molar heat of ____. This is the heat absorbed by 1 mol of a solid substance as it melts into a liquid at constant temperature.
13._____ equation is one that includes the enthalpy change
14.Molar heat of ____. This is the amount of heat released 1 mol of vapor condenses at a boiling point
16.___ heat of formation is the change of enthalpy which accompanies the formation of 1 mole of the compound from its elements, with all substances in their standard states
17.A process that releases heat.
18.Heat _____ is the amount of heat needed to increase the temperature of an object
19.Molar heat of ____. This is the enthalpy change caused by the dissolution of 1 mol of a substance.
1.Heat of ____ is the enthalpy change for the chemical reaction exactly as it's written.
2.Energy that transfers from one object to another.
3.Chemical ________ energy. This is energy stored in chemical bonds
4.Study of energy changes that occur during chemical reactions and changes in state.
6.Heat of ____ is the heat of reaction for the COMPLETE burning of 1 mole of a substance.
8.A part of the universe on which you focus your attention.
11.Everything in a universe outside of a system.
12.Molar heat of ____. This is amount of heat necessary to vaporize one mol of a liquid.
15.Heat content of a system at constant pressure.
16._____ heat is the amount of heat it takes to raise the temperature 1g of a substance.

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