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1 2                       3       4 5          
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      8 9      
11                 12
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      17   18              
21       22     23   24                        
26           27                          
  30             31 32      
  33   34              
35         36      

2.The place of Winston and Julia's last meeting
4.The most dreaded room in The Ministry of Love
6.The poet Winston meets in The Ministry of Love
7.O'Brien's butler
8.Winston initially believes O'Brien will smuggle this into him at the Ministry of Love.
10.This is a way to watch and be watched
11.Originially meant English Socialism
13.Those closest to Big Brother
15.Activity in which all workers must participate
16.The type of society which is ruled by a totalitarian government
17.Leaves that are substituted for tea leaves
19.The ministry in charge of making sure people do not have enough goods
21.Winston's neighbor who is eventually charged with thoughtcrime
23.The name of Winston's apartment complex
26.Winston believes he is opposed to Big Brother
27.The ability to believe to contradictory thoughts at the same time
28.The newspeak name for The Ministry of Peace
29.2 + 2 =
30.Freedom is __________
33.Leader of Oceania
35.The only group Winston thinks can overthrow Big Brother.
37.The original version of English
38.Winston's greatest fear
39.One of the three super states
40.Julia and Winston taste this for the first time at O'Brien's
41.The language of Oceania
42.Ignorance is _____________
1.Is the first Thought Police that Winston meets
3.Winston purchases this at the antique store.
5.One of the three super states
9.Julia believes that The Party invented these
12.They serve as spies for the government
14.The department Julia works in
18.The renamed London
20.The term they use to address one another
22.Winston uses his name as a replacement in one of his articles even though he doesn't think this person exists.
24.Winston steals this from his sister.
25.Where Winston's first thoughtcrime occurs
31.One of the three super states
32.Winston's wife
34.Supposed leader of The Brotherhood
35.War is _________
36.A co-worker who is vaporized

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