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The Hardy Boys

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3._____ carried sherlock when he was sick.
9.Juice brakes the hardys ______ and qwants _____ in return.
10.who stole the hardys camper?
11.Pick uses sherlock to find _____ in the tall grass.
12._____ was hit by a bat which he thought was a bear.
14.Chet stepped on something______ 3 inches long.
15.The second in command in the antagonist group.
16.The leader of the magnicard theft is?
1.who fought the hardy boys for the guitar with jewls in it?
2.A ______ helps the hardys when they get all flat tires and loose nuts.
4.The camper was on a ______ and it was set there as a trap!
5.____ was the one who poisned sherlocks ice cream.
6.the Crimminals used counterfiet _______'s to buy things which was the main reason for this story.
7.Prince ______ helps the hardys not die.
8.Pick puts lasher in the______ cave.
13.who damaged the hardy camper with a glass bottle?

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