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1 2 3 4
5         6     7                    
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  15 16            
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26         27      
28 29                

5.A great warrior who twice fought Hector and lost
6.Race of cannibals that kill many of Odysseus' crew
8.When you ate their flowers, you never wanted to leave
10.The land Circe tells Odysseus he must journey to
11.Promised Paris the most beautiful woman in the world
13.The name Odysseus first gave to the cyclops
16.What creature does Circe turn six of Odysseus' men into?
17.Wife of Zeus
19.The sun god whose cattle are eaten by Odysseus' starving men
20.Defies Odysseus and eats Helios' cattle
21.A giant creature with a hollow body built by the Greeks
25.How many men does the cyclops eat for breakfast?
26.Sea monster which devoured six of Odysseus' men
29.Destructive whirlpool which came about when Scylla appeared
30.The island Odysseus' men invaded
31.A blind prophet Odysseus meets in the land of the dead
1.The hideos creature challenging the dreaded megapython
2.Ruler of the Olympian Gods
3.Eyeless, one-eyed giant that found several of Odysseus' men delicious
4.They're delicious; they require bread and something in between them
7.What does Odysseus have in his goatskin?
9.Gives Odysseus a bag of wind for his trip home
12.Author of the first great Greek literature
14.Greek God of War
15.Many blame her for causing the Trojan War
18.Raged for ten years with no clear winner, or so it seemed
22.Circe warns Odysseus to avoid these creatures on the voyage home
23.A city sacked and destroyed by the Greeks
24.Cyclops' father; and a god who is not too happy with Odysseus
27.Greece's greatest warrior
28.The quality of extreme arrogance

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