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The Giver Crossword

Jaden Rampersad

This puzzle is made for the book,"The Giver" and is for whom that have read this book.This is a Beast Crossword Puzzle !

1 2
4   5              
6   7        
8           9    
11     12             13      
14       15   16     17  

3.The Giver's daughters name was ________.
4.Jonas's assignment.
7.the one who trains Jonas.
8.Caretaker of the Old was given to ________.
10.a place where events are held at.
11.when the people start to have dreams of the wanting.
13.Jonas's first memory included _________.
14.Jonas's worst memory.
15.a thing that children get when they become a nine.
18.the place where Jonas goes to receive his training.
19.the auther's last name.
1.a thing that the children get when they become a twelve.
2.the child that Jonas's family kept at the house for a year.
5.what the people call where they live.
6.when the children do their hours, they must ___________.
9.big events are called ________.
12.when the Old, Law Breakers and sometimes Infants leave the community.
16.what the community can't see, except for The Giver and Jonas.
17.Jonas's sister.
18.Jonas's best friend.

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