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Num8ers: The Chaos

Rachel Ward

1 2 3 4
  5     6      
9 10       11      
12         13 14

6.What does Sarah eat when she is cold?
7.What can Adam see in peoples eyes?
10.Who gets convicted for Juniors murder?
11.What does Sarah see in her nightmare?
12.What happens to Adam when he goes to meet Junior?
15.Who is Adam's guardian?
1.Who is Val's grandson and Adams dad?
2.What does Sarah have every night?
3.Who does Adam love?
4.Who does Adam escape from?
5.What is Sarah's daughters name?
8.What is Sarah good at?
9.Who is Val's deceased husband?
13.Sarah's family member who she is scared of.
14.What's Adam's moms name?

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