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Sharlie Setu

1 2     3  
4               5              
6     7      
10                               11
15                 16  

2.What is a mixture of molton and semi-molton rock
4.What is it called when large-scale motions move of the earths lithosphere
7.What happens when molton rock is expelled by a volcano during an eruption
8.What is the outer most shell of the earth
10.Whats another word for stratovolcano
12.What is the upper mantle of the earth
14.What type of volcano are built mostly on fluid and lava flows
15.What is the name of two supercontinents
17.What is the outer layer of the earth
18.What is another word for a tremor
1.What plates slide against each other called
3.What is the second layer of the earth
5.What type of crust is made out of igneious, sedimentary, and metamorphic
6.What type of excavation or depression is in the ground
9.What is the centre of the earth
11.What type of crust is composed by mafic rocks and magnesium
13.What was the supercontinent that existed 300 million years ago
16.Where does lava come from

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