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Go over Medellín

Juliana Bustamante Areiza

Here you are going to use the information you already have and fill this crossword whith the places you can find in Medellin and what can you do there.

1             2
3 4  
6             7      

1.It contains fishs species from several rivers in Colombia.
6.In this place there are monuments and doves.
7.You can find one of these in B.G Joaquin A. Uribe
8.There you can find several types of plants.
9.In here animals are the starts.
10.It is a good place to play with your children.
11.There you can buy fruits and meat.
2.There are many Botero's woks.
3.This is place is located in a hill in the middle of the city.
4.It has a 3D cinema
5.Those places offer us delicious dishes.

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