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The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks

Bonnie Long

Well, we're done with the book, and the big test is Friday. How well did you read? Reread? Try to answer the clues below and fill in the boxes accordingly. Good Luck!

1           2
3     4
6 7             8           9  
  10 11            
  12         13        
15     16                
          17       18  
    21         22          
26   27      

1.a eugenicist
5.before polio: ___________test
7.injected prisoners with HeLa
8.the Big Kahuna
11.grocery store owner
12.Lacks town barber
14.Joe stabbed him
15.number of contaminated cell lines assoc. w/HeLa bomb
17.Galen's wife
20.TB nearly killed him
21.growing in _______________
23.Lacks children's missing sense
24.field of science due to HeLa
25.donated blood
26.treatment for cervical cancer
28.roller-tube creator
1.Deborah's first husband
2.replication impossible w/o this
3.book's author
4.Deborah's "advice Mom"
6.HeLa bomb dropper
9.told her cousins about her cancer here
10.HeLa Cancer Cell Symposium held here
11.Day: ______ baby
13.Crownsville resident
16.charity hospital
18.Polio Machine: Iron _____
19.Henrietta's gynecologist: Howard _______
22.governs human experimentation
27.gangrene in the feet

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