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Health & Social Care - Understanding Human Behaviour

Miss D Kemp

A revision puzzle for the OCR unit F920 Understanding Human Behaviour

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1.Pavlov: Problem that classical conditioning explains very well
3.Skinner: Type of reinforcement that works should be used instead of punishment
7.Debate: The contributions of environment, family and learning to our development
11.Language: researcher who believes language is innate
12.Erikson: What you may feel at the end of an unfulfilled life
15.Piaget: When we must change our schemas to take in new information
17.Social Learning: An SLT theorist who studies group behaviour
19.Genetic influence: Man who had the genetic 'tic' disorder named after him
20.Cattell: Number of factors in the traits personality scale
22.Maslow: The apex of the pyramid of needs
25.Social Learning: He says we learn by vicarious reinforcement and imitation of models
27.Latane: We do not act in an emergency if this is diffused due to being in a group
28.Perspectives: The approach that looks at the traits and types that determine our personality
29.Socio-economic factor: Poor quality types may have mould and damp
2.Social Learning: Those we share our norms and values with, who shape our behaviour
4.Psychodynamic: Erikson explains this life stage better than Freud
5.Freud: The part of the mind that makes us feel guilt or pride
6.Constructivist: A famous constructivist stage theorist
7.Environment: A type of pollution - may lead to poor sleep and concentration
8.Vygotsky: Type of learning he thought could help our intellectual development and language
9.Biological: He says we are born introvert or extrovert
10.Rogers: If you are to feel worthy, you need this positive regard from others
13.Psychological factor: It means how we see ourselves, be it positive or negative
14.Genetic influence: A genetically influenced condition
16.Socio-economic influence: Our source of primary socialisation that shapes our gender role, attitudes etc
18.Language: The innate device in the brain Chomsky says we need to learn language
21.Psychological factor: Elderly people may feel it when they leave their home
23.Environment: Type of pollution you might suffer if you lived near a factory
24.Skinner: According to behaviourists, this is how we learn language
26.Language: Type of child that may not learn language due to lack of stimulation

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