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1.Showing violent anger and rage in reaction to events
6.Unable to think clearly or understand what's happening
7.So surprised that you cannot move or react
9.That's how you feel when you have a problem and sb helps you solve it
11.Lacking companions or companionship
13.Being in a state of suspense in awaiting oncoming events
14.Very pleased of something surprisingly good happening
16.Upset because your friend hurt your feelings by telling a lie about you
20.Surprised by something unusual happening
21.Unhappy at being away and longing for familiar things or persons
23.The feeling of expectations and hopes failing
24.Very unhappy, sad and of poor quality
2.When the pain or sorrow is over
3.Very surprised by something unpleasant
4.Bored because something has gone on too long
5.Scared with extreme fear in anticipation of something bad going to happen
8.That's how you feel when you have to perform in public for the first time
10.Excited with intense pleasurable anticipation
12.Extremely upset and shocked by unexpected irreversible unfortunate events
13.Filled with the emotional impact of overwhelming surprise and amazement
15.Ready to do anything to improve the existing hopeless situation
17.Really tired, with no physical power to go on further
18.Opposed to unhappy, sorrowful
19.Unhappy and worried mental state
22.Opposite to excited or nervous

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