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Exceptional Experience

Miss D Kemp

AQA A Psychology - Anomalistic Psychology

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4.OOBE/NDE: Something that may trigger a near death experience
7.OOBE/NDE: Common experience in an NDE
9.Mediums: Famous American medium whose claims have been challenged
10.Healing: Skeptics say the effects of healing is largely due to this effect
12.Mediums: Trait of those who go for psychic readings
15.Healing: Ailment often the subject of healing studies
20.OOBE/NDE: Gas imbalance in the brain that creates the 'light at the end of the tunnel' effect
21.Healing: Krieger found levels of this in the blood rose after healing
22.Healing: Type of study control blind where neither party in is aware which condition PPs are in
23.Healing: Biased type of sampling often used - perhaps have a vested interest
24.Healing: It may be that healing stimulates self healing for eg in this bodily system
26.OOBE/NDE: In Ehrsson's experiments he stroked a person's ... body that they saw in video goggles
28.OOBE/NDE: Sensation felt during an out of body experience
29.Mediums: Type of medium
32.OOBE/NDE: Proneness to this in the personality type may be linked to experiencing OOBE
33.OOBE/NDE: factor that shapes the content of a person's NDE
34.Mediums: Man who has offered $1million to any medium who can successfully demonstrate their skills in controlled conditions
35.Healing: Tribal healer who communicates with the spirits
1.Mediums: For mediums' claims to be true, this, at the very least, must survive after death
2.Healing: Many types of healing involve the laying on of these
3.Mediums: Type of check on research quality that has been rarely used in this area
5.OOBE/NDE: Somatoform ... is where a person's senses become jumbled and less integrated as a whole experience
6.Healing: Healers say this raises our 'psychic shields' and prevents healing from working
8.Mediums: The term for the 'force' used by psychics and those with ESP skills
11.Mediums: A way to contact the dead; popular in Victorian times
13.OOBE/NDE: Lobe of the brain associated with auditory hallucinations
14.OOBE/NDE: Even if they are not 'real', OOBE/NDEs may give our lives more of this
16.Mediums: Some mediums have been exposed as this
17.Healing: Type of healing touch - with no touching!
18.OOBE/NDE: Natural painkillers that flood the body during a NDE and feel pleasant
19.Healing: The field healers often claim to unblock, manipulate or direct the flow of
25.OOBE/NDE: What may happen to religious belief after an OOBE/NDE
27.Mediums: man who investigated mediums and designed a code to contact his wife after his death
29.Healing: It may help humans, animals and even...
30.Mediums: Technique of 'reading' clients by finding out about them prior to the sitting
31.Mediums: Technique of 'reading' a person's personality without prior knowledge

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