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1.You use it to turn your head around
4.You can put your... in, when you say sth stupid
5.It cleans toxins from your body
6.It's on the tip of your..., when you can't quite remember sth
8.The most outward finger
10.You blow it into a tissue when it's runny
11.Creases in your skin because of age
14.An upper part of your leg
17.You feel butterflies in it when you're in love
18.A "finger" on a foot
19.You can easily twist this when doing sports,an equivalent of a wrist on your leg
22.The place where you might wear a belt
23.You frown it when you're angry
25.Surrounding upper and lower eyelids
27.You can scratch your itch with them, or bite them when you're anxious
30.Used to think
32.You smack them, use them to talk and make sounds
33.They get red if you're embarrassed
36.At the back of your foot
2.You can get it off your... and tell me all
3.The place where you wear a watch
4.You can point it at somebody
5.You use them to breathe
7.You can wink it at somebody when joking
9.You open it when you yawn
12.Shrug them or carry a load on them
13.Shake it to say 'no', or nod to say 'yes', and if sth is bothering you, you can't get it out of your...
15.You brush it and comb it
16.It can get broken when you're devastated, or you learn by it when you memorize sth
20.They clean your blood and look like mirrored beans
21.You give it to sb when they need help
23.You can get cold... when you're not sure you want to do sth
24.Raise them in surprise
26.You clap them, hold them and wave goodbye
28.You use them to hug, fold or stretch
29.You pull sb's... when you make a joke at them
31.A part of a hand used by fortune tellers
33.A lower back part of your leg
34.A joint in the middle of your arm
35.When a man proposes, he goes down on it
36.Your legs are attached to them

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