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Invasion of the Elvii


Every answer is a movie title.

1 2
3 4                 5   6     7
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11                 12         13                      
14                                   15              
16                 17   18                                    
                20   21  
28 29   30                                             31
            33               34  
      35                           36    
  37                               38                    
40   41                       42      
      43       44                
  45     46 47                              
    49                             50        
  55                     56            

4.singer documentary made in 1981
11.Shelley Fabares' first of 3 films with Elvis
13.Somewhere out there ...
14.Daniel Radcliffe horror film
15.Bill Bixby plays antagonist to Elvis
16.this remake has nothing to do with Mars
18.Connor & Duncan together on film
22.adult neon sign?
23."You're the man now dog! Punch the keys for God's sake!"
24.1968 NBC TV special
25.prison film
26.Emile Hirsch vs. alien invasion
30.Elvis is shoved by a golden dog-man
32.10-year-old Donna Butterworth's 2nd & final film
33.Steve Carrell's film debut
35.1992 Academy Award Winner for best visual effects
37.1976 western with Marlon Brando & Jack Nicholson
38.2006 movie based on the murder of Elizabeth Short
39.Clint Eastwood as a master jewel thief
40.infamous for its paper Mache anatomy
44.Michael Douglas vs. the Yakuza
47.originally titled Nero Fiddles
49.USS Gallant is featured in the first part of the movie
52.a bullet to the cricket
53.Based on the novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep
54.Elvis' last movie before going into the Army
55.Confessions of a Teenage
56.Eddie Murphy as a sage
57.final film of veteran actress Una Merkel
58.2008 superhero Noir film starring Eva Mendes & Samuel L. Jackson
1.Elvis despised the strawberry blonde wig
2.Elvis & Burgess Meredith
3.Teri Garr debuts as a dancer
5.debut of 11-year-old Kurt Russell
6.Albert Einstein, Frank Zappa & Harpo Marx were all fans
7.Elvis' first movie after Army release
8.cameo by Richard Petty
9.2006 Vietnam film based on real events
10.Roger Corman gives James Cameron his first break break at special effects
12.Elvis with Ann Margret
17.2004 Pierce Brosnan & Julianne Moore romantic comedy
19.Jamie Lee Curtis & Tim Allen
20.1993 Disney film features Charlie Sheen as a religious man
21.this movie was supposed to feature a talking camel
27.filmed in Citrus County & Levi County, Florida
28.Elvis' real head wound was used for a motorcycle accident scene
29.Kevin Costner baseball film
31.Jack Black, Dustin Hoffman, Angelina Jolie, Lucy Liu & Jackie Chan
34.ball becomes dead behind or above a goal line
36.Elvis & Charles Bronson
38.British SAS behind enemy lines in the Gulf War
41.film based on 1980's corruption scandal involving the director's father
42.Patrick Swayze's "Mad Max" like follow up to Dirty Dancing
43.Jason Priestly as a hitman
45.Hepburn sings her own songs in her first musical
46.popular board game
47.Hong Kong exports rubber dog crap?
48.Susan Sarandon as a cancer stricken mother
50.Nicholas Cage as an arms dealer
51.remake of 1951's Thing From Another World

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