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R. Schmidt

8th grade astronomy

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2.The sun, planets, asteroids and other objects held together by gravity (2 Words)
8.The measurement used to find distances between stars (2 Words)
10.The theory which states the universe began as a huge explosion 10 - 20 billion years ago (2 Words)
12.Explosion of a large star
13.The galaxy Earth is located in (2 Words)
14.measures the amount of light reaching Earth
18.Huge cloud of dust and gas from where stars form
21.A large star with low temperature and high brightness (2 Words)
23.Average distance from the Earth to the sun (2 Words)
25.What is the Milky Way galaxy type
27.The brightest planet as seen from Earth
28.A rocky body orbiting the sun but to small to be called a planet
29.A dirty snowball in space
31.The first stage in the life cycle of a star
1.The planet located one AU from the Sun
2.Very large, bright star that might be blue or red, depending on its temperature
3.When an object in space spins on its own axis
4.The inner planets (2 Words)
5.Small dark areas on the surface of the sun which are cooler in temperature
6.A planet that rotates backwards and tilts 98 degrees on its axis
7.The fifth planet from the Sun
9.The jovian planets (2 Words)
11.The life cycle stage our sun is currently in (2 Words)
15.When an object in space circles around another
16.A reaction in which hydrogen atoms combine to form helium releasing large amounts of energy (2 Words)
17.Huge ball of gas held together by gravity
19.A small star with high temperature and low brightness (2 Words)
20.The hottest planet
22.The color of a star with a medium surface temperature
24.A space rock that does not burn up completely as it passes through Earth's atmosphere
26.The smallest planet
30.Earth's closest space neighbor

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