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Ghenesis Mendez & Jacqueline Schile

  3 4    
8 9            
10 11           12  
14     15        
    16         17  
19           20      
23         24 25          
26               27  

2.Eva kills this person in a fire
4.Sula is gone for this number of years
6.Helene's husband's job
7.The name of Sula's grandmother
9.Shadrack’s first battle was in this country:
11.Sula puts this in her hair to impress Ajax
13.When Sula leaves Medallion, she goes to
14.What does Ajax do that Sula loves the most?
16.Chicken Little ____ to death
19.Sula is accused of pushing this person down the stairs
21.The town where most of the novel takes place
22.This can be used to describe the smell of Nel's grandmother’s house
23.Eva is missing this body part
25.Ajax's real name
26.This person also witnessed Chicken Little’s death
28.Helene’s mother’s name
1.Many of the people in Medallion died in a
3.This person asked "Mamma, did you ever love us?"
4.There are this number of Deweys in Sula's family
5.January third was National _________ Day
8.When Sula returns to Medallion, a plague of this also comes with her
9.Body part Sula mutilates to avoid being bullied
10.Sula's best friend
12.Tar Baby was addicted to this
15.The shape of Sula's birthmark
17.This person fought in WW1
18.Helene's mom's occupation
19.Wiley Wright stays home this many days out of every 16
20.The first person to join Shadrack’s holiday
24.Sula falls in love with this man
27.Nel's husband's name

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