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Crystal's GRE word list #1


Crystal's GRE word list #1

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17 18                 19 20                  
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    28   29 30              
    31 32                    
  33         34          
36               37   38              

1.motionless; being at rest; stillness
4.an exaggerated statement; often used as a figure of speech
6.Predictable, boring, cliched
8.an overabundance; excess; a surplus
11.capable of being shaped or formed
13.harsh, jarring, discordant sound
18.practical rather than idealistic
20.following or in agreement with accepted, traditional standards
22.overly submissive and eager to please
23.a piece of broken pottery or glass
24.to increase in number quickly and abundantly
26.misleadingly attractive; plausible but false
30.quiet; reserved; silent; reluctant to express thoughts and feelings
32.extremely talkative
34.excessively decorated or embellished
36.lavish; recklessly wasteful
38.truthfulness; honesty; accuracy
40.long, harsh speech or verbal attack
3.extreme mental and physical sluggishness; lethargic
5.breif; fleeting; lasting a short time
7.Deviating from the norm
9.to make thinner or sparser; to refine; less dense
10.existing everywhere at the same time; widespread
12.refusing to compromise
14.Causing sleep or lethargy
15.impossible to see through; not reflecting light
16.fluctuate between choices; move to and fro; to sway
17.impassioned; devoted to a cause
19.sociable; outgoing; enjoys company of other people
21.to depart clandestinely; to steal off and hide
25.effective writing or speaking
27.a sorrowful poem or speech
28.rigid opinion based on unproved or improvable principles
29.to drink deeply
31.to praise highly
33.to grow rapidly or flourish
35.Childish; uninteresting; useless
37.done without using words; implied

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