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Hello fellow citizen :) This is a crossword where you find words :) These words are based on the topic of SDLC. Good luck old chap :P

1 2 3
6       7   8                      
            11 12      
  16   17                        

4.Where the old and new systems are run alongside each other until everyone is happy with the new one :O (2 Words)
6.Where the old system is steadily converted into the new one, one module at a time :$ (2 Words)
13.Where the old system is immediately swapped for the new system ;) (2 Words)
16.When the users and others involved find out about any problems or shortcomings :3
18.Looking in detail at the current system/requirements for a task that's never been performed before. :)
19.A sequence of activities which are performed when a system is analysed, designed and implemented. :P
20.A single item of data which represents a fact about an entity. :)
21.An analyst will start thinking about the system they have analysed and start to _______ the actual system to be built. :P
1.These are used as a first step in describing a system; shows the flow, storage and processing of data in a system :3 (3 Words)
2.Training costs, modification costs, correction of bugs, etc. (3 Words)
3.Training of users, production of technical and user documentation, setting up help desk facilities, etc. :L
5.Initial investigation of a system before a feasibility study is carried out :) (2 Words)
6.A changeover method that is ideal for large organisations with multiple sites (2 Words)
7.An object of the real world that is relevant to an ICT system (e.g. a place, object, person, etc.) B)
8.Fixing and correcting bugs which didn't appear during testing :D
9.A diagram which represents a system as a single DFD process :P (2 Words)
10.Finding out about the existing system as well as the the requirements for the new system so that the analysis can be performed. :L
11.A centralised collection of information about data such as meaning, relationships to other data, etc., used mainly in datavase design to ensure consistency :L (2 Words)
12.A study carried out before a new ICT system is developed to see whether a new system can be developed at an acceptable cost to realise user benefits. :D (2 Words)
14.The stage where the system is actually built according to the design produced in the previous stage :D
15.Maintenance which is all about the SPEED :)
17.Adding things to the system to meet the the company's changes :P

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