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Final Fantasy 12

Miakel Whelan

test your knowledge of the world of Final Fantasy 12

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4.wants to fly an airship, he lost all his family to the war
6.Balthier's airship
8.heals an ally's HP
10.the imperial army's strongests airship equiped with a dusk shard cannon controlled by Vayne
12.framed for teason
13.Imperials that sentence criminals to either life in Nalbina dungeons, or death
14.evil overlord of Archadia
15.heals an ally's MP
17.powerful creatures that you can control
18.Balthier's right hand
1.Vayne's brother, he is oppesed to how Vayne does things
2.a sky pirate that believes hes the leading role
3.the expansive are that final fantasy 12 is set in
5.seeks out her right to become queen of Dalmasca
7.powerful stones in fused with magicks know as The Mist
9.the royal city that the story begins in
11.vaan's friend, she lost all her family in the war
16.challenging monsters that people post a bill for that give you clan ranks

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