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David Williams

Common Fire Safety Plan Terms

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1.operation of a device or system to ensure it's functionality
5.the criminal act of intentionaly setting fire to property
6.detection system for reporting unusual conditions such as smoke, fire, etc.
8.an arrangement of piping, valves, & hose outlets
12.an exercise used to prepare for a fire
15.random evaluation of fire safety systems, processes, & maintenance records
16.gas or diessel pwered device that provides back up electrical power
17.known throughout Manitoba Housing as " Mr Teflon "
19.rapid removal of people from building or disaster
2.the path of travel to the exit
3.anything that poses a fire health life safety risk to tenants and staff
4.pull, aim, squeeze, sweep (fire extinguisher operation)
7.a device that discharges water when the effects of a fire have been detected
9.an upright pipe with a spout for drawing water from a water main
10.to burn with little smoke and no flame
11.easily set on fire
13.rescue, alarm, contain fire, extinguish/evacuate
14.master tracker & dogger
18.section of building indicated on a fire alarm panel where a sensor was activated
20.Manitoba Fire Code requires that maintenance records be kept for ? years

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