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Chapter 7 and 8 Review

Mr. McLean

Content: Chapter 7 - Trials, Chapter 8 - Arrests, Searches and Pre-Trial Release

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2.Bill's fingerprints are found on the murder weapon. This is an example of _________ evidence.
7.Usually only an ______ is allowed to state an opinion on technical evidence in a trial.
9.The second questioning of a trial witness is called ________-examination.
10.A question asked during a trial which has no connection with the matter at hand.
11.Guilt must be proven _______ a reasonable doubt.
12.Responsible for jury management.
14.The temporary release of an accused who posts money or some other security.
16.Charter section that protects us from unreasonable search and seizure.
17.Number of people on a jury in a criminal trial.
18.________ counsel provides free legal advice.
19.A jury that can't reach a unanimous decision is called a _____ jury
20.No reason needs to be given for excluding someone from a jury with a ________ challenge.
21.The burden of _______ in a trial rests with the Crown.
23.A.k.a. the "accused".
25.The court ______ is the chief assistant to the judge.
26.The reply to the opposing side's rebuttal.
31.A legal document ordering an accused person to appear in court.
32.The first stage of a trial is to __________ the accused.
33.A.k.a. a "lie detector".
1.The first questioning of a witness in a trial is known as ________ examination.
3.The most common crime for which a citizen's arrest is made.
4.A "voir dire" is held to determine the _________ of evidence.
5.Maximum number of challenges for cause in a murder trial.
6."Wasn't it Susan you saw speeding away from the crime?" is an example of a ______ question.
8.In most cases the police need a warrant to search here
13.A jury member must be a Canadian citizen and at least ____ years old.
15.To contradict evidence introduced by the opposing side.
20.A.k.a. the "Crown attorney".
22.A search ________ is a court document that gives police the right to search a specific location.
23.A motion for ________ may be brought by the defence if it feels the Crown has failed to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt.
24."Tom told me he saw Mary steal the car" is an example of ________ evidence.
27.A group of potential jurors is called a jury ______.
28.A ________ is the "trier of law".
29."Challenge for _______" is used by the lawyers to exclude someone from a jury for a particular reason.
30.You have to have lived in a province for ___ year in order to serve on a jury there.

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