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World War II Vocabulary

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2.June 6, 1944; the first day of the Allied invasion of Normandy in World War II
4.(1945) World War II battle between Japanese forces and invading U.S. troops
7.giving in to aggressive demands in order to avoid war
9.international organization formed in 1945 to maintain world peace and encourage cooperation among nations
10.(1884–1948) Japanese nationalist and general; he took control of Japan during World War II. He was later tried and executed for war crimes.
11.an area where minority groups live
13.(1945) World War II victory for the Allied troops that resulted in the deaths of almost all of the 100,000 Japanese defenders; the battle claimed 12,000 American lives
15.(1942) World War II naval battle fought in the Pacific; the Americans broke the Japanese code and knew the date and location of the attack, setting the stage for a major American victory
16.(1945) a meeting of Allied leaders in the German city of Potsdam to address issues about the post-World War II Europe
18.(1942-1943) World War II battle in the Pacific; it represented the first Allied counter-attack against Japanese forces; Allied victory forced Japanese forces to abandon the island
21.detention sites created for military or political purposes to confine, terrorize, and, in some cases, kill civilians
22.the Nazi Party's plan to murder the entire Jewish population of Europe and the Soviet Union
23.in World War II, Japanese pilots who loaded their aircraft with bombs and crashed them into enemy ships
24.(1891–1944) German general during World War II; he commanded the Afrika Korps and was nicknamed the Desert Fox for his leadership.
25.the alliance of Germany, Italy, and Japan in World War II
26.a German word meaning "lightning war"; a fast, forceful style of fighting used by Germans in World War II
1.(1942) World War II battle between invading German forces and Soviet defenders for control of Stalingrad, a city on the Volga River; each side sustained hundreds of thousands of casualties; Germany's defeat marked turning point in the war
3.(1890–1969) Thirty-fourth president of the United States; he led the Allied invasion of North Africa and the D-Day invasion of France and commanded the Allied forces in Europe during World War II.
5.an agreement between nations to not attack one another
6.(1942) World War II battle in which the Britain won a decisive victory over Germany in Egypt, securing the Suez Canal
8.(1940) three month air battle between Germany and Great Britain fought over Great Britain during World War II; Britain's victory forestalled a German invasion
12.(February, 1945) a meeting between Franklin Roosevelt, Winston Churchill, and Joseph Stalin to reach an agreement on what to do with Germany after World War II
14.(1874–1965) British prime minister; he opposed the policy of appeasement and led Great Britain through World War II.
17.(1884–1972) Thirty-third president of the United States; he became president upon the death of Franklin D. Roosevelt. He led the United States through the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War.
19.the killing of millions of Jews and others by the Nazis during World War II
20.the alliance of Britain, France, and Russia in World War II; joined by the United States after the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941

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