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Biology Final Exam Vocabulary Review

Created by Johnny Appleseed

Introductory Biology Terms

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4.Causes population growth to slow down
7.Organelle where oxygen is used to release energy from nutrients
9.Relationship between two different organisms where both benefit
12.Physical features of an organism
14.Cell containing two copies of each chromosome (body cell)
15.Change in the genetic material of the cell
16.Cell division where chromosome number remains the same (makes body cells)
20.Process where chemical energy in nutrients is converted to a form usable by the cell (requires oxygen)
24.Able to make its own food from inorganic molecules (also known as producer)
26.Performs specialized functions within a eukaryotic cell
27.Organisms most suited to their environment survive and reproduce
30.An organism that obtains its nutrients from dead and decaying organic material
31.Contains two identical alleles for the same gene (bb or BB)
32.The diffusion of water across a semipermeable membrane
33.Cell containing one copy of each chromosome (egg or sperm)
34.Cell division where chromosome number is reduced by half (makes gametes)
36.Contains different alleles for a given gene (Bb)
37.Process where DNA is copied
38.A constant internal environment is maintained in an organism
1.Two word naming system
2.Organism that lacks a nucleus
3.Formulated the theory of evolution
5.Factor in an experiment that is deliberately changed by the scientist
6.Haploid cell resulting from the process of meiosis
8.Subunit of a protein
10.Genetic makeup of an organism
11.Protein is made here
13.Obtains nutrients from autrotrophs and heterotrophs
17.The mRNA code is converted to an amino acid sequence (protein)
18.Subunit of a nucleic acid
19.Product of photosynthesis
21.A group of organisms of the same species that live in the same location
22.Process where autotrophs convert inorganic compounds to glucose
23.Nucleic acid containing deoxyribose sugar
25.Synthesis of a mRNA molecule from a DNA molecule
28.Any living component of the environment
29.Organism that contains a nucleus and specialized organelles
35.One of two versions of a gene

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