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Post-Revolution Georgia & Westward Expansion Vocabulary Crossword

Alyssa Wilson

1 2
3                                       4
  5   6                  

3.Creek leader (2 Words)
6.when tribe of Creek would attack some pioneer settlements; Georgia settlers were ordered to kill any Creek on sight (2 Words)
8.a group of symbols thatstand for whole syllables
10.Creek chief that sold the rest of the Cherokee lands (2 Words)
11.when four land companies went to the Georgia legislature and bribed them to pass a bill to buy the Western land (3 Words)
12.the person that invented the Cherokee syllabary
13.when Reverend Samuel Worcester and 10 others refused to sign an alliance and were given 4 years in the state penetintiary; the case went mto the supreme court (3 Words)
14.land distribution in which a person over 21-years old may pay a small fee to buy a chance and on the spin of a wheel, win land (2 Words)
15.US supreme court chief justice thatruled in Worcester v. Georgia (2 Words)
1.a treaty signed in 1825 by which the lower Creek gave up the last Creek lands in Georgia to federal government in return for $200,000 (4 Words)
2.treaty in which the Creek gave of all lands East of the Oconee River (4 Words)
3.1828 US president; thought state government should be in charge of Indian territories (2 Words)
4.system in which each white male is counted as "head" of a family, so they have the "right" to receive up to 1000 acres of land (2 Words)
5.800-mile walk to Indian territory in Oaklohoma (3 Words)
7.legal court reaction
9.Cherokee chief that makes several trips to Washington for help (2 Words)

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