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C1b revision

1 2
3     4                 5
7           8
12       13                     14            
            16       17       18          
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    24 25               26    
29 30               31          

3.Hydrogels and shape-memory foam for example (2words)
10.These cause tectonic plates to move as heat rises through the mantle (2words)
12.This process created oxygen in our atmosphere
14.Scientist who proposed the theory of continental drift
16.These plastics can be broken down by microorganisms in the environment
20.First word of process used to separate the gases in air
21.The MIller-Urey experiment created these essential building block of life (2words)
23.This is used to boil the volatile oils from leaves during distillation
24.These random events are caused by friction at plate boundaries
28.Describes a process that runs 24/7
29.These produced the gases in our early atmosphere
32.Process of making ethanol from sugar (glucose)
33.This part of the distillation equipment turns the gas (vapour) back to a liquid
1.Process where many small molecules join to make very large molecules
2.This chemical is used to test for unsaturation (C=C bonds)
4.This produces intense heat in the Earth's core (2words)
5.Eating saturated fat increases the amount of this in your blood
6.Adds to C=C to saturate them
7.Describes the tail of an emulsifier molecule which attracts oil
8.Process whereby plants and animals return carbon dioxide to the atmosphere
9.Gas used in food packaging and the manufacture of ammonia
11.Describes the head of an emulsifier molecule which attracts water
13.This gas makes up 21% of our present atmosphere
15.A famous one landed in Murchison with thousands of organic molecules on it
17.In hydration, this is reacted with steam to make ethanol
18.Second word of process used to separate the gases in air
19.These can be formed when tectonic plates collide
22.Sedimentary rock which is a major carbon sink
25.This gas is difficult to separate from liquid oxygen as it has a similar boiling point
26.This substance helps to make oil and water miscible
27.Catalyst used in hardening
28.Thermal decomposition of alkanes
30.These are a major carbon sink but are less effective the warmer they get
31.The outer layer of the Earth

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