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Thought You Might Be Bored

You might need to ask mom and dad for some of these. Or use the interwebz

1 2 3
4       5     6
    7                 8   9 10    
12             13                     14
    15       16         17 18  
19             20              
22       23           24              
  25   26             27    
      28 29                      
30         31   32            
34     35 36         37            
38       39   40        
      41   42
    43         44  
45 46     47              
  48 49        
50       51      
52       53          
54   55  
56   57   58      

4.15 minutes could save you 15% or more
7.Sonny Bonno, Shirley Temple, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Clint Eastwood and Jesse (The Body) Ventura are some of the less well known of these
10.Words with Friends and Draw Something, to name a few
12.$200 payday in Monopoly
13.Proceeds May flowers
15.Albuterol alleviates it
17."Every kiss begins" with this
19.A mind reader's ability, not to be confused with the worldwide leader in sports
20.Latin rock band featured at Woodstock
21.Archiologist Jones
23.Life is one
24.Where the guarani is cash
25.Prime example
29.Wearer of a red-starred tiara
30.Mammal that hums to its young
31.TV or monitor part
34.Fe, chemically
36.Batman movie villain
37.Grand Canyon locale
38.Quaker is the brand
39."___ aren't the droids you're looking for"
43.Bond villain
45.It goes through many phases
47.Something containing colorful stamps
48.Word after sports, training or push-up
51."Aint nobody got ____ for that!"
52.Corner piece in chess
53.The Heffalump's creator
56.Snail mail letters
58.Captured princess of a giant slug
1.the Grand, the Cafe and the the Tinto
2.Hawaiian garland
3.Thurman from Paycheck
5.Japanese paper art form
6.Item worn by Dracula and Superman
7.Tony Hawk, Elissa Steamer and Geoff Rowley are some
8."Song Sung Blue" singer
9.Is it hello or goodbye?
11.Erik, Edward and Bill are all one of these
14.Ship of 1492
16.Book after Jonah
18.Often-grated cheese
22.Modern response to hilarity
26.Its license plates that have the motto "Famous Potatoes"
27.The Big Easy
28.The "U" of "Law & Order: SVU
32.Dressing choice
33.Wandering soul
35.Obtaining "astronomical" results
38.Teen "Whoa!
40.Site of the first human sin
41.1986 Tom Cruise/Val Kilmer action film
42.Belfry occupants
44.Home Depot rival
46.Lard between two burnt crackers
49.Rhythmic movement from Cuba
50.A quarter of doce
54.Explanation that doesn't explain anything, informal
55.Target of a narc
57.___ ejemplo

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