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Mr V

Words associated with making and viewing documentaries

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1.This shot follows someone or something around and is often called chill _____________
4.Stand-alone shots are like a single ___________________
8.To look at something closely is to _______________
10.conducted to obtain information from someone.
13.Some stand-alone shots tell a __________
2.Films that are stored in a key place, in large volumes, creates an _________
3.The scene in behind a person being filmed is called the _______________
5.To use shots of what goes on behind the scenes in a documentary is called __________ footage
6.To get a shot that brings out the specific detail of a person, thing etc is called a _________shot
7.These are also known as stand-alone shots.
9.Every documentary has at least one key _____________
11.To create strong feelings or ________________
12.This type of shot captures everyday type things and events and is called a _____________ coverage shot.

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