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GRE Vocabulary : Vol. 3 : 20 Words


GRE Vocabulary Words -- Supplement to Kaplan New GRE Vocabulary Flashcards -- 3rd Edition -- Theme: Personality Traits (Other sources: 501 Vocabulary Questions by Learning Express, LLC; Kaplan GRE Exam Verbal Workbook, 3rd Edition)

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2.Presumptuously arrogant, overbearing.
5.Impulsive, whimsical, and unpredictable; whim, sudden fancy, See also ARBITRARY, ERRATIC, and MERCURIAL.
6.Showy, pompous, putting on airs. See also AFFECTED, GRANDIOSE, INSINCERE.
7.Having or showing sound judgment; perceptive, wise, shrewd.
9.Lacking self-confidence; shy, timid. See also SELF-EFFACING, BASHFUL, MODEST, RETIRING and TIMID.
11.Pleasing in appearance or manner; attractive.
13.Treacherous, dishonest; violating good faith, disloyal. See also DISLOYAL and DECEITFUL.
14.Cowardly. Lacking courage. See also TIMID, RECREANT, DIFFIDENT and PUSILLANIMOUS.
15.Seeking and enjoying the company of others; sociable, outgoing. See also AFFABLE and CONGENIAL.
16.Gloomy, dark or sullen.
17.Lighthearted, casual, and carefree. Joyful, cheerful, or without appropriate thought.
1.Cautious, wary, watchful. Aware of potential consequences. See also ASTUTENESS, CHARY, and PRUDENT.
3.Ill-mannered, boorish, rude. See also GAUCHE, IMPERTINENT, IMPUDENT, PETULANCE, and WASPISH.
4.Arrogant, conceited. See also HAUGHTY, IMPERIOUS, OVERWEENING, and SUPERCILIOUS.
6.Very conscientious and precise; paying great attention to details or trivialities, especially in regard to etiquette. Polite.
7.Bad-tempered, gruff, or unfriendly in a way that suggests menace. Rude and bad-tempered. See also MOROSE.
8.Peevish; unreasonably or easily irritated or annoyed. See also IRASCIBLE, QUERULOUS, UMBRAGE, and WASPISH.
10.Irritable, easily aroused to anger; hot tempered. Easily made angry. See also CANTANKEROUS.
12.Confidently cheerful, optimistic. Of the color of blood; red, ruddy. See also RUBICUND, ROSY.
13.Childish, immature, or silly. Belonging to or of childhood; suitable only for children. See also INFANTILE, JEJUNE and JUVENILE.

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