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IPT Year 12 - RIS


Review of RDB design & some SQL

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1._____________ database management system (RDBMS)
4.this SQL clause states on what table this column or columns are found
5.___________ Integrity is the linking between tables using primary key & foreign key relationships
8.data ________ is where there is data duplication due to the same field being used in many tables
11.__________ keys (in the child table), which can be made up of one or more columns, are primary keys in another table
13.A database has _______ that include columns & rows
14.HAVING clause eliminates groups that do not satisfy its condition. However, the ________ clause eliminates rows before the GROUP BY and HAVING clauses are applied
2.this function returns the average within a group of rows
3.data that has a specific meaning in context
6.__________ functions group together data to produce a single result
7.____________ key, is a column or set of columns that uniquely identifies a row in a table
9.The use of DISTINCT in the SELECT list eliminates ___________ data
10.raw facts
12.an unknown value

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