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Mrs.Frisby and the Rats of NIMH

Michael Li

1 2      
3 4 5           6
  9 10       11        
13             14                    
  16           17      
20               21          

2.The rats covered the toy tinker in ____________ to bury him.
5.opposite of exciting and wonderful
7.Nicodemus talked to Mrs.Frisby _________ because he didn't sleep all night long.
10.Even though it was risky, the 10 rats _________ home to protect everyone.
13.a synonym for suffer
14.antonoym for beginner
15.antonoym for undomesticated
16.to obey or surrender
18.The rats were __________ all day, they didn't even have enough time to sleep.
20.Isabella talk to Justin __________ when she dropped her books.
21.empty and not occupied
22.another word for uneven or crooked
1.It seem like there was a __________ rats to the docter.
2.opposite of relaxing and calmness
3.The crops __________ after a few weeks when the Fitzgibbons planted them.
4.the claws of a bird
6.Timothy's fever was ___________ after he swallowed the medicine.
8.begin to melt
9.Mrs.Frisby had only a __________ amount of food, but it was enough to last through the winter.
11.certain and guarantee
12.Mrs.Frisby was more sympathic to the rats when she was locked up in the Porgy's cage.
17.to complete
19.opposite of lack of good sense

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