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Final Exam Crossword

Sky Jordan

1 2 3
4                     5                  
6       7   8             9
11                 12               13              
15                         16 17      
18             19        
20             21
  22     23                             24  
25                 26                   27
  34             35                
39                   40                  

4.18th amendmant; prohibited the sale, manufacture, and transportation of alcohol
5.The name of what many students protested against during the Vietnam war; faceless US military/ government power
6.Formed on April 4, 1949; mutual defense treaty including US, Canada, & West Europe nations
8.Result of terrible drought that hit the Midwest in early 1930s
11.Invented 1867 by Alfred Nobel
12.age 24, communist sympathizer, crazy, murderer of JFK
15.Formed monopoly on steel
18.Where mission control was built to put the first man on the moon
22.First solo translantic flight
25.Shot Oswald 2 days after his arrest
26.They entered the workforce in large numbers during WWI, which strengthened their argument for suffrage
28.Where 10,000 draft dodgers fled to during the Vietnam nam war
29.Took MLK's side when he was arrested Oct. 1960
30.Suffrage for women 1920
32.The progressive republican of the election of 1912
33.Types of music that was very popular in the 1920s
34.Supreme Court upheld legality of segregation
36.Court case that banned school prayer
37.WWI vets marched on Washington DC in june 1932 to demand veteran bonus (due in 1945) to be paid immediately
39."Exclusionary rule", no use of illegally seized evidance
40.Mass circulation of these helped spread Ideas nationwide
41.All suspects must be read their rights before questioning
1.Illegally smuggled liquor from Canada & Cuba
2.A group targeted by nazis, and had to wearthe yellow Star of David
3.Laws or constitutional amendment proposed directly by the people
7.Organization that boycotted the Montgomery buses
9.JFK's vice President who carried out JFK's legacy after his death
10.Main allied powers in WWI
13.Journalism based on facts but twisted into lies
14.Movement of African Americans to cities in the north
16.Ang range of young men drafted in the Vietnam war
17.Capitalized fear of communism, and need a popularity boost to be re-elected as senator, & claimed to have a list of state department employees who were communist
19.Formed monopoly on oil
20.Removal of an elected official by citizens
21.Kennedy was very popular because he fought poverty and stood up to who?
23.Formed monopolies, fixed price, put other companies out of business
24.Music by these artists were banned during WWI because of German discrimination
27.Refused to give up her bus seat to a white man on December 1, 1965
31.Would stand for 28 years as a symbol of Soviet domination of Eastern Europeans
35.First Presidant to seek a 3rd term
38.May 8 1945, unconditional surrender of German forces

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