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Great Chef


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6.When a liquid ( )s, or is ( )d, it changes from a liquid state to a gas, because its temperature has increased.
10.a new thing or a new method of doing something
12.to keep doing sth and do not stop
13.The ( ) of something is the pleasant smell that it has.
15.( ) food looks or smells extremely nice.
20.The ( ) of a food or drink is its taste.
22.( ) are the things that are used to make something, especially all the different foods you use when you are cooking a particular dish.
23.A ( ) is the smallest amount of a chemical substance which can exist by itself.
25.An ( ) is something that puts you in a better position than other people.
29.to make sth more attractive by adding things to it
30.food, such as cream or cheese, that is poured or put on top of other food in order to decorate it or add to its flavour
31.If you ( ) a situation or condition, you make sure that it remains as it is, and does not change or end.
32.If a person or animal is ( )d from somewhere where they have been locked up or looked after, they are set free or allowed to go.
1.You can refer to something that people do regularly as a ( ).
2.You use ( ) to give a summary of a situation, activity, or idea without referring to the particular details of it.
3.To ( ) something such as a system or a factory means to change it by replacing old equipment or methods with new ones.
4.A ( ) is a successful attempt by a large group of people to change the political system of their country by force.
5.a very old and popular story that may be true
7.to put food onto plates and give it to people
8.to severely harm, damage, or spoil sth
9.to have so many parts or aspects that it is difficult to understand or deal with
11.The ( ) of something is a measure of how hot or cold it is.
14.If something or someone is ( ), they are able to do tasks successfully, without wasting time or energy.
16.a particular method of doing an activity, usually a method that involves practical skills
17.on condition that ;( )( )( ) you tidy your room first, you can go out to play.
18.A ( ) is an occasion when people sit down and eat, usually at a regular time.
19.Something that is ( ) is needed in order for something else to happen.
20.If you ( ) on a particular topic or if your attention is ( )ed on it, you concentrate on it and think about it, discuss it, or deal with it, rather than dealing with other topics.
21.to have a good opinion of sb's character or ideas
24.If you ( ) an event or activity, you make sure that the necessary arrangements are made.
26.When people ( ) or when someone ( )s them, they come together in a group, usually for a particular purpose such as a meeting.
27.( ) is a food made from flour, fat, and water that is mixed together, rolled flat, and baked in the oven. It is used, for example, for making pies.
28.If you ( ) something such as information or action, you ask for it in a very forceful way.

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