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Mr. Fasone

Skills and concepts presented in the six units studied this year: Ecology, Cells, Homeostasis, Energy, Genetics, and Evolution

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3.found only in plant cells; added protection around the cell
5.an organism that is eaten
8.the sugar that is broken down during respiration and converted into ATP energy
9.father of evolution
14.photosynthesis releases this gas into the atmosphere
15.a consumer that eats only dead animals; example crabs
18.mutations in DNA that lead to differences in traits within a species
19.a type of transport across a cell membrane in the direction of the concentration gradient
21.less solute in solution than inside the cell
22.pH 7
25.animal and plant cells are classified as these types of cells
27.type of reproduction in which one parent makes a clone of itself
32.produces energy for the cell
33.example: grass --> grasshopper --> kookaburra
34.organelle that stores water and nutrients in the cell
36.the internal balance in an organism such as body temperature
37.the physical characteristics that are coded by a genotype
39.the ability of water molecules to stick to other water water molecules
40.one copy of a particular gene (one of the letters in a genotype)
42.hierarchy of living things: species -> ____ -> community
45.means that the cell membrane allows only certain molecules to pass
46.she was an hominid
47.a type of solution that will cause a cell to shrink
50.organelle found only in plants; captures sunlight and turns it into food
51.a symbiotic relationship in which both organisms benefit
55.same anatomical structures but different functions (bat wing, chicken wing, human arm)
56.process in which one cell divides into two identical cells for growth and repair
57.all living things have this in their cells
58.shows how allels are passed down from generation to generation
59.the universal solvent
60.preserved remains of organisms
61.cell organelle that makes proteins
62.a specific role an organism has in its habitat
1.whip-like tail that propels a cell forward
2.an organism that makes its own food
4.evidence suggests that humans and chimpanzees have a common ___
6.every 3 base pairs = 1 ___
7.mutations in these type of cells can only be passed on to offspring
10.the body system that includes the brain, spinal cord, and nerves
11.molecules that contain the element CARBON
12.eats only producers
13.amino acids are the building blocks of this macromolecule
16.variations that help an organism to survive
17.control center of the cell
20.shape that indicates males on a pedigree
23.the stage in mitosis where the chromosomes pull apart
24.energy is required in this type of cellular transport
26.the final stage of mitosis where the cytoplasm pinches off forming two new cells
28.changes in populations over a period of time
29.evolution occurs through the process of _____
30.type of cellular respiration that does not require oxygen
31.atoms --> cells --> ____ --> organs
32.carries the genetic information from the nucleus to the cytoplasm
35.factors that affect living organisms that are themselves alive or were once alive
36.a type of genotype such as RR or rr
38.scientists have ____ that supports the theory of evolution
41.examples of this macromolecule includes fats, oils, phospholipid bilayer
43.simple cells with no nucleus
44.an organism, such as bacteria, that break down dead organisms
48.body system that scretes hormones through the blood
49.refer to women who are heterozygous for a sex-linked trait
51.changes in the nucleotide order of DNA that results in changes in phenotypes
52.the mineral that helps the blood carry oxygen
53.process in which gamete cells are made
54.the movement of WATER molecules down a concentration gradient

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