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Physics Final - Vocabulary Practice

Ms. Wagner

Vocabulary from the entire year of Physics, use front of study Guide to help search for the words.

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1.When all of the forces on an object are balanced it is said to be in this state (2 Words)
5.A rigid bar that has a pivot point
7.When the torques on an object are balanced it is said to be in this state (2 Words)
10.The amount of turns per unit of time
11.A complete path for current to flow (2 Words)
14.The law that states how electrical force changes with distance and charge (2 Words)
18.The unit used to measure resistance
20.The shape of planetary motion
21.The rate at which the velocity of an object changes
23.The amount that a certain material inhibits the flow of electricity
25.The resistance to change in motion
26.When an object spins around its internal axis
27.This can be used to determine the relative magnitude and direction of your resultant vector (2 Words)
28.Providing a pathway for electrons to flow on to or off of a conducting surface
34.The product of velocity and mass of an object - referred to as Inertia in motion
35.When the voltage across each device is the same, but the current depends on the resistance
36.The product of force and distance (in the same direction)
37.The amount of matter than an object is made up of
39.The pathway of a projectile
40.The force that keeps an object along a circular path
42.A device that is used to make work easier
44.Energy, Momentum, and Charge are all _______________ within a closed system
45.The flow of charge
48.When the current through each device is the same, but the voltage depends on the resistance it is this type of circuit
49.When an object spins about an external axis
50.The unit used to measure Force
52.This type of collision is when two objects bounce off each other and no permanent deformation occurs
53.A quantity that has both magnitude and direction
2.Newton determined this law about all things with mass in the universe (4 Words)
3.Another word for linear speed when an object is moving in a circle
4.The speed and the direction that an object travels
6.The ability to do work
8.The type of speed that you read on your speedometer (2 Words)
9.How much a machine multiplies the input force (2 Words)
12.The rate at which work is done
13.Action at a distance forces are represented with these (2 Words)
15.The force that always acts opposite the direction of motion
16.How much an orbit deviates from a circular path
17.This is the unit used to measure both work and energy
19.A stretching or compressing type force
22.Flow of charge that is constant in one direction (2 Words)
24.The SI unit used to measure mass
29.This type of collision produces heat and permanent deformation of objects involved in the collision
30.Type of material that does not allow electricity to flow
31.The sum of all forces acted on an object (2 Words)
32.Another word for electric potential difference
33.Attraction due to the mass of an object
35.The time it takes to make one complete rotation/revolution
38.An object that moves through the air or space only acted on by gravity
41.This is equivalent to the change in momentum
43.When two vectors are added together their sum is called this
46.The unit used to measure frequency
47.When an object is only affected by gravity it is said to be in this state (2 Words)
51.This produces rotational acceleration - a product of force x lever arm

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